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We’re 100 blog posts in. Let’s celebrate by looking back.

I reread every blog post I wrote, and selected the Wisdom For Goldfish articles I am most proud of:

The SINGLE article I am most Proud Of.

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The Hero’s Journey: The Six Stages Of Personal Growth.

Top 3 wisdoms of 2022 (to date).


“Instead of waiting until fear knocks on your door, knock on fear’s door. And you keep knocking until fear gets bored with you, until fear tries to get rid of you.”

Article: How The Brave Get Rid Of Their Fear – For Good.


“Passion is energy. And energy is the source of creation. The more you have it, the more likely you’ll be successful.”

Article: Down The Rabbit Hole: How To Find Your Passion In Five Not So Easy Steps.


“Witnessing someone taking steps to broaden their horizon is a sight to admire, not to be ridiculed.”

Article: Never Ridicule A Person Who’s Trying.

Top 10 wisdoms of 2021.


“You can’t live life fearing the unknown, as all that is left of life is the unknown. Therefore, fearing the unknown is fearing life itself. If you want to embrace life, you’ll have to learn to embrace the unknown.”

Article: How To Deal With The Unknown.


“Failure is a necessity for success. People often believe life is like an endless succession of crossroads. At each crossroad, you either succeed or you fail. That’s it: no do-overs, no way back. In reality failure is more like a stepping stone needed to get to success. It’s on the same path, not a side track.

Article: This Realization Destroyed My Fear Of Failure.


“When the novelty of chasing your dreams wears off, motivation won’t always be there to kick you out of bed. This is where self-discipline makes or breaks your success.”

Article: Self-Discipline Finishes What Motivation Started.


“In the same way the most powerful avalanche consist out of many seemingly insignificant snowflakes, dream goals consist out of thousands of seemingly small contributions. The small steps you take every day, will one day be the radical change you were looking for.”

Article: From Snowflake To Avalanche: All Big Changes Start Small.


“And THAT is the real point of setting personal goals. The purpose of the goal is the journey. The purpose of the journey is personal growth. This makes it absolutely ESSENTIAL to keep a close look at how your goals are affecting the person you’re becoming.”

Article: Setting Personal Goals Is NOT About Achievement. It’s Bigger Than That.


Just like a seed needs water and sunlight, a gift needs time and effort. The day I realized this, was the day I changed my life. Make a consistent effort to discover and nurture your gift(s).”

Article: Develop Your Gifts.


“A good surfer observes the turmoil of the waves with great calmth before she harnesses its power for her own benefit. She does not try to avoid the waves, nor does she waste her energy trying to control the movement of the waves. Stability is a result of your judgement, not of your environment.

Article: Don’t Run From That What You Can’t Control.


“When confidence in your own ability is making you deaf to feedback from your peers, blind to your own weakness and inconsiderate towards others, its strength turns into a weakness.”

Article: Stay Humble: Confidence vs Arrogance.


Life gets significantly easier when you stop worrying about what others think of you. Embrace your identity and all that makes you unique. Find the courage to truly be yourself.”

Article: How To Live Like A Kid & Make Life The Adventure It Once Was.


“Believing leads to seeing, just as much as seeing leads to believing.”

Article: The Blind Man Sees What He Believes.

Top 10 wisdoms of 2020.


“You are the artist, life is your canvas – make it a masterpiece.”

Article: Make Every Day A Master Piece.


“More than ever, people compare themselves to others and are taking part in a competition to live the life (and having the body) that is most sought after. But if ‘most sought after’ is in the eye of the beholder, you’ll automatically be hanging your self-worth on the opinion of strangers. And if that’s case, is it truly your own life you’re living, or the life of what others expect from you?”

Article: Shine Bright. But Do It For Yourself.


“Self-discipline is choosing to forgo short-term pleasures in order to improve the chance of better long-term outcomes. Self-discipline is self-love. The love for your future self.”

Article: Self-Discipline Is Self-Love.


“If you ever find yourself to be one of the smartest kids in the room, get the hell out of there. You are on the wrong plane. Surround yourself with people you can learn from. People who inspire you to be greater than you are right now.”

Article: Comfort Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.


“Most people spend life doing far too much of the things that matter the least.”

Article: First Things First: Spend Time On Things That Matter.


On the journey to success, there is no room for the ego to tag along. Leave it at home, it will weigh you down.”

Article: Feedback: The Lifeline To Success.


Judge your decisions based on the information you had at the time of making the decision, not based on the outcome. Don’t blame yourself if a calculated decision didn’t work out the way you expected. You can’t foresee everything. Live without regrets.”

Article: Five Life Lessons Learned From Playing Poker.


“Successful businesses are per definition built on serving the self-interest of their customers. Provide value or wither away. Asking for support once is OK, asking for support twice is begging. Begging is a guaranteed way of losing your audience.”

Article: Never Beg For Support (And What To Do Instead).


“It is NOT SELFISH to take care of yourself first. Lift yourself up, before you lift others up. You’ll be able to make a bigger impact, you’ll be able to do more good – in the long run.”

Article: Take Care Of Yourself, Before You Take Care Of Others.


“Become exceptional by being the exception.”

Article: When The Passive Life Won’t Cut It.

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