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“In the greater scheme of things, everything that seems macro, is in fact micro. And if everything is micro, all that matters is micro.”

Article: All That Is Macro Is Micro.


“You can’t live life fearing the unknown, as all that is left of life is the unknown. Therefore, fearing the unknown is fearing life itself.”

Article: How To Deal With The Unknown.


“People often believe life is like an endless succession of crossroads. At each crossroad, you either succeed or you fail. That’s it: no do-overs, no way back. In reality failure is more like a stepping stone needed to get to success. It’s on the same path, not a side track.

Passage taken from To The Moon: A Short But Mighty Guide To Personal Goal Setting.


“Long before self-growth is liberation, it is a burden. A burden well worth its reward.”

Article: A Burden Called Self-Growth.


“When you create something, the most important thing is to make it an honest reflection of where you’re at in this moment of time. It doesn’t have to be your best work ever, it can be your best work right now.”

Article: Creation.


“Self-discipline is choosing to forgo short-term pleasures in order to improve the chance of better long-term outcomes. Self-discipline is self-love. The love for your future self.”

Article: Self-Discipline Is Self-Love.


“The purpose of the goal is the journey. The purpose of the journey is personal growth.”

Passage taken from To The Moon: A Short But Mighty Guide To Personal Goal Setting.


“More than ever, people compare themselves to others and are taking part in a competition to live the life (and having the body) that is most sought after. But if ‘most sought after’ is in the eye of the beholder, you’ll automatically be hanging your self-worth on the opinion of strangers. And if that’s case, is it truly your own life you’re living, or the life of what others expect from you?”

Article: Shine Bright. But Do It For Yourself.


“Every new day starts at midnight and it starts in darkness. Don’t expect to see everything clearly when starting a new beginning.”

Article: No Daylight At Midnight.


“Instead of waiting until fear knocks on your door, knock on fear’s door. And you keep knocking until fear gets bored with you, until fear tries to get rid of you.”

Article: How The Brave Get Rid Of Their Fear – For Good.


Surround yourself with people whoes wavelength is aligned with your wavelenght. Nourish the relationships that give you energy.”

Article: Constructive Interference In Social Settings.


“Life is meaningless, unless you give meaning to it. It’s your responsibility – not someone else’s – to make life worth living for.”

Article: The Meaning Of Life Is Up To You.


“In the same way the most powerful avalanche consist out of many seemingly insignificant snowflakes, dream goals consist out of thousands of seemingly small contributions. The small steps you take every day, will one day be the radical change you were looking for.”

Article: From Snowflake To Avalanche: All Big Changes Start Small.


“When confidence in your own ability is making you deaf to feedback from your peers, blind to your own weakness and inconsiderate towards others, its strength turns into a weakness.”

Article: Stay Humble: Confidence vs Arrogance.


Just like a seed needs water and sunlight, a gift needs time and effort. The day I realized this, was the day I changed my life. Make a consistent effort to discover and nurture your gift(s).”

Article: Develop Your Gifts.


“To become confident you’ll have to be brave.”

Article: The Most Effective Way To Boost Your Confidence.


“Believing leads to seeing, just as much as seeing leads to believing.”

Article: The Blind Man Sees What He Believes.


“A good surfer observes the turmoil of the waves with great calmth before she harnesses its power for her own benefit. She does not try to avoid the waves, nor does she waste her energy trying to control the movement of the waves. Stability is a result of your judgement, not of your environment.

Article: Don’t Run From That What You Can’t Control.


“Passion is energy. And energy is the source of creation. The more you have it, the more likely you’ll be successful.”

Article: Down The Rabbit Hole: How To Find Your Passion In Five Not So Easy Steps.


“When the novelty of chasing your dreams wears off, motivation won’t always be there to kick you out of bed. This is where self-discipline makes or breaks your success.”

Article: Self-Discipline Finishes What Motivation Started.


“It is NOT SELFISH to take care of yourself first. Lift yourself up, before you lift others up. You’ll be able to make a bigger impact, you’ll be able to do more good – in the long run.”

Article: Take Care Of Yourself, Before You Take Care Of Others.

Last, But not least…

“You are the artist, life is your canvas – make it a masterpiece.”

Article: Make Every Day A Master Piece.