Setting Personal Goals Is NOT About Achievement. It’s Bigger Than That.


Up until a couple of years ago, I thought the point of setting personal goals was to achieve those personal goals. If it wasn’t for the achievement of those goals, what else could be the point of setting those goals in the first place?

Slowly but surely, however, I started to realize achievement almost always brings short-lived satisfaction, but it NEVER brings lasting fulfilment.

After achieving one goal, you’ll simply HAVE TO set yourself new ones. If you don’t, you’d just be left in a void when the rush of achieving your initial goals wears off. And contrary to popular belief, that void isn’t the paradise you’ve always been looking for.

Therefore, the point of setting personal goals has to be in the reach for your dreams, not in the actual realization of those dreams. Not only does the dot on the horizon give direction and meaning to the journey, it goes deeper than that: the challenges you’ll encounter on this journey make you a stronger and better person.

And THAT is the real point of setting personal goals.

The purpose of the goal is the journey. The purpose of the journey is personal growth.

This makes it absolutely ESSENTIAL to keep a close look at how your goals are affecting the person you’re becoming.

If you’re in love with the destination, but you don’t like the person you’re becoming while on the journey, it’s time to make radical changes.

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