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Hitting The Breaks.


Sometimes you need to pause in order to go further. Stop, reflect and refuel. Coming December, allow yourself some time off, so you don’t wear yourself out. Start fresh in January. It’s...

Boredom Is A Sin.


‘I am so bored…’ Boredom is a complete disregard for the precious life that has been given to you. Not because there’s something wrong with doing nothing or wasting time...



Anxiety does not come from thinking about the past, it comes from wanting to change it. Let the past be what it is. Anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, it comes from wanting to...

Live Life Passionately.


What use is life, if not lived passionately? You have a fire inside of you and the purpose of life is to find out what ignites it. Life gets hard sometimes, suffocating the flames inside of you. And...

The Scientist.


To live a good life is to live life like a scientist. To live a good life is to treat life as if it is a continuous experiment. Try new things all the time: discover a new place, immerse yourself in...

Redefining Success.


What I used to think success looks like: Fat bank account, ripped body, climbing the career ladder, living on a tropical island, driving a Porsche, having a big following on social media. Most...



In many cases, healing is not about returning to the former self. It is not about returning to your state prior to your loss. More often than not, it is about finding quality of life living alongside...

Big Decisions, Made Easy.


All decisions are big. The seemingly small decisions you make on a daily basis, will often lead you down a path that influences the next small decision, which influences the next one, etc. Whenever...



Hip hip hooray! We’re 100 blog posts in. Let’s celebrate by looking back. I reread every blog post I wrote, and selected the Wisdom For Goldfish articles I am most proud of: The SINGLE...

A Better Place.


To make a judgement about any society, you’ll only have to look at its idols. Attention is scarce, and those who have it, are powerful. This makes it incredibly important to be thoughtful who...

Slaying Dragons.


One of the great benefits of setting and chasing personal goals is that it makes you focus and spend energy on the challenges that matter to you. You’ll start to ignore the small battles other...

The Erosion Of Dreams.


Normally dreams don’t just fall apart. They erode. One small bit at the time. Most people fail because they give up what they want most, for what they want now. You want to have an amazing...

Always Travel Light.


Hoarding possessions will weigh you down when moving to another place. Hoarding financial commitments will weigh down your net income. Hoarding unfortunate events from the past and doom scenarios of...

Your Mind On A Diet.


We’re all aware how diet has an impact on the fitness of the body. You eat fat, you get fat. You eat healthy, you get healthy. Input equals output. The same accounts for your mind. Instead of...

That’s Just Who I Am.


‘That’s just who I am’. The famous last words of the guy who just stepped away from the responsibility to make things better for himself. I know, because I’ve been there many...

On Finding True Love.


When looking for true love, most people look outwards. Instead, try to look for love inwards, first. How can you expect to find your soul mate, when your soul is in conflict with who you are as a...

Develop Your Gifts.


Most people go through life never developing their gift. They do what’s necessary to pay the bills and seek for entertainment in the hours that are left over. To me, that’s not living...

On The Passing Of Time.


Life seems endless when you’re young.  There are no worries about time slipping away, as it seems like there’s an abundance. Make no mistake, however. Even the people who were lucky enough...