About Wisdom for Goldfish

Yes, that’s me… Wesley.

I am the guy on the right (your right).

I read somewhere that the human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

Fear not! On Wisdom for Goldfish I share the short life lessons they didn’t teach you in school, so you don’t have the make the same mistakes as I did to learn them.

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About the author

I am obsessed with personal goal setting.

If you’d tell me eight years ago I’d be living on the beach in The Bahamas, I’d probably not have taken you serious.

Back then I didn’t know what to do after being rejected at 10 – 20 job interviews, my mother dying of cancer and a 40K study debt looming above my head with no job to show for.

I knew if I could get one opportunity, I’d work harder than anyone else. I’d do more, study harder and push myself beyond my limits – day in, day out.

Eventually I got that opportunity. And I grabbed it with both hands. It brought me to Asia, Africa and eventually the Caribbean.

In my book ‘Further North: 21 Golden Rules For Personal Goal Setting‘ I share what I learned.