Develop Your Gifts.


Most people go through life never developing their gift. They do what’s necessary to pay the bills and seek for entertainment in the hours that are left over.

To me, that’s not living.

When I read that teenagers spend more than 7 hours A DAY on their phones on average, that makes me sad.

The lost potential is enormous.

Everybody has a gift, everybody has something they have a natural talent for. But a gift is worthless if you don’t nurture it.

Just like a seed needs water and sunlight, a gift needs time and effort.

The day I realized this, was the day I changed my life.

Make a consistent effort to discover and nurture your gift(s).

It’s most likely to bring you happiness.

What’s your gift?

I don’t blame teenagers for spending more than seven hours a day on their phones. They are victims, more than anything.

They’re outmatched by experienced specialists in psychology and user behaviour who run constant experiments to keep users engaged for as long as possible.

A while back I saw a quote that said only drug dealers and app developers call their customers ‘users’.

That says it all.

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