When The Passive Life Won’t Cut It.


Most people live a passive life. 

People living a passive life, spend a majority of their productive hours creating the dream of their employer, confined by the ideals of their employer. Most of what is left as spare time is used to enjoy the creation of others.

Living life this way, they can merely react to the world that’s being shaped by others.

Only a handful of people live a proactive life.

People living a proactive life, spend a majority of their productive hours creating their own dreams, employing others to help them if necessary. In their spare time they make room for learning and creating. They shape the world around them according to their ideals – one small step at the time.

Plenty of people are perfectly happy living the passive life.

Are you?

If you want to become less dependent, if you have the urge to live life to its full potential, realize that the passive life won’t cut it.

Make the switch, one small step at the time.

Can you consume less, and create more?

Can you become exceptional by being the exception?

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