The Blind Man Sees What He Believes.


Believing leads to seeing, just as much as seeing leads to believing.

Without exception, people see the world through the goggles of their core values and beliefs. That what you wholeheartedly believe, you begin to find in everything.

This is why it’s possible for two (groups of) people to look at the exact same thing, and passionately disagree about what it is they’re seeing.

The scientific method tries to solve this problem, by objectively looking for truth, continuously trying to challenge that what we think we know.

In doing so, the scientific method alone has the potential to bring us closer to the truth, making sure we’re not blinded and led astray by mere analogies and personal opinions.

Seeing must come before believing. Scientific proof must come before something is declared as the truth.

If it doesn’t, chances are we’ll start to live in unsubstantiated alternative realities, potentially harming not only progress in our search for truth, but also innocent third parties that rightfully reject the ideologies of these alternative realities.

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