Work Like A Human.


When the search for people who are able to work like machines, changes into the search for machines who are able to work like humans… how do we make sure we’re not replaced?

When our intelligence is no longer able to compete with artificial intelligence… how can we remain competitive in what we offer?

For the longest time it was predicted that AI would replace blue collar jobs first, and the creative jobs last. But it looks like the tables have turned…

Although many blue collar jobs are still facing the thread of automation, AI seems to be going after the creative jobs first. AI is well on its way to do a decent job when it comes to writing, coding and even design.

Since we can’t beat a machine by working like a machine

To make a point, I asked Chat GPT to help me finish this article – and it did:

…the key for humans to remain competitive in the workforce is to focus on the unique abilities that only humans possess, such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and problem-solving.

First, invest in your professional development. Stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, and become a pioneer when it comes to leveraging AI.

Second, make sure to develop your soft skills. AI can’t replicate human authenticity, empathy and emotional intelligence which are highly valued in many industries.

Focus on these two abilities to remain valuable to your employer and clients, and by doing so, you’ll create new opportunities for growth and development.

AI can’t be un-invented. Use it to your advantage.

See the original output of Chat GPT.

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