Unleash The Beast.


The start of the new year excites me. And most beautiful of all… it annoys the crap out of the nay-sayers.

I know, because I used to be a nay-sayer myself. I used to hate the statement ‘2023 is gonna be my year’. I used to think New Year’s resolutions were for losers.

Fuck. That.

Let the positive energy flow in abundance.

Empty your bucket of hope, determination and optimism all over the grumpy faces of the pessimists in your life.

Cover those heaps of negativity in glitters and rainbows until you’ll have to wear polaroid sunglasses just to ensure you’re not blinded by your own LIGHT.

Because 2023 is gonna be the year you’ll shine.

It might not be the year with the best circumstances, but it doesn’t matter… you’re gonna do your best to make the most of it anyway. Because you are awesome.

Don’t let the nay-sayers drag you down in their misery. January is special.

You can feel it in the air around you. Some things have changed compared to December.

The parking lot in front of the gym is full. The lines at Burger King’s drive-through have disappeared. Netflix is desperately trying to keep us all nailed to the couch, but alas… ’tis the season we push for a breakthrough.

Let it start this January. Let it end when you are where you want to be.

Unleash the beast.

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Wesley van der Hoop

Dutchman living in The Bahamas. I get excited about digital marketing, writing, traveling, surfing and learning new things.

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