Have The Courage To Be Rubbish.


You can’t bring pride along for the journey of self-growth. You’ll have to be able to laugh at yourself for being absolutely terrible at something.

When you’re planning to make a radical change, when you’re planning to do something that’s entirely new to you that has the potential to get you to that next level… no amount of preparation will prevent you from looking like an amateur on that first day.

And that’s OK.

At some point, you’ll have to stop preparing. Take the leap and start showing up.

And then, after that first day of showing up, you’ll have to swallow your pride, face the critics and show up again the next day.

You’ll still suck, but now you’re learning. You’re learning what questions to ask, you’re gathering real-world feedback.

Then, after you showed up that next day, show up for the rest of the week. And after you showed up for the rest of the week, show up for the rest of the month.

You’ll notice that slowly, but surely, you’ll start to suck a little bit less.

Then after you showed up for the rest of the month, you show up for the rest of the year, because radical change doesn’t happen overnight.

The key is to keep showing up until you got what you came for. No matter how long it takes.

Textbook knowledge will only get you so far. The most valuable lessons are learned by playing the field.

Don’t for a second think you can spend enough time preparing to make your first try flawless.

So stop delaying, get out there and have the courage to be rubbish.

Who cares about what other people think? You’re doing this for you!

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