Constructive Interference In Social Settings.


Constructive interference happens when multiple waves combine in such a way that their high points and low points align. This results in the height of the resulting wave being greater than that of the individual waves.

The waves amplify each other to produce a stronger, more intense wave.

Destructive interference on the other hand, happens when multiple waves combine in such a way that the high point of one wave aligns with the low point of another wave. This results in a decrease in the strength of the resulting wave.

In some cases, if the waves are of equal height and perfectly out of phase, they can cancel each other out entirely – resulting in a flat line.

Something similar can be used to describe social interactions.

Sometimes, the person you’re communicating with immediately gets you, and vice versa: you get them. Your values and beliefs align in such a way that little effort is needed to understand each other.

In rare occasions you might even ‘hit it off’ from the get-go. You’ll just start bouncing off each other, which can quickly result in a high energy environment.

Wonderful things can happen in these situations.

The conversation is elevated and all parties involved gain something from the interaction. This is where strong connections are formed and great ideas bloom.

Unfortunately, the opposite can happen as well.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself entangled in an interaction that completely drains the energy from all parties involved.

Whenever this happens… know that there’s probably nothing wrong with you.

Although it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not do any work on yourself at all, sometimes it just means that it’s time to change the environment you’re in.

Surround yourself with people whoes wavelength is aligned with your wavelenght.

Nourish the relationships that give you energy.

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