Boredom Is A Sin.


‘I am so bored…’

Boredom is a complete disregard for the precious life that has been given to you.

Not because there’s something wrong with doing nothing or wasting time, which can be very enjoyable and sometimes even necessary to restore balance.

Boredom is not wrong because it’s about doing nothing.

It’s wrong because it’s about doing nothing (or something) with a complete lack of interest in whatever it is that you’re doing in that moment of time.

It’s a lack of stimulation, and at the same time wishing to be in a situation that’s more stimulating.

When this happens, you have to ask yourself… what am I doing with my life?

Is there nothing you want to improve in your life? Is there nothing you want to learn? Is there nothing you want to create?

Options are plentiful, even when you have little money to spend.

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  • Being bored is being careless with the time you have been given, and nothing is more precious than time.
  • Being bored is being inconsiderate to the person that wants to live life to its fullest, but can’t.

And for those reasons, boredom is a sin.

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