How To Educate Yourself Without Breaking The Bank.


Would it not be amazing to be able to have your own board of celebrity advisors, enabling you to get one-on-one coaching from domain experts in every area of your life, whenever you see fit?

Imagine the things you’d be able to achieve!

Playing poker with some friends this coming weekend? Daniel Negreanu will teach you how to read your opponents. Need a boost in confidence? Antony Robbins will come over to your place tomorrow. Looking to invest in real estate? Meet with Robert Kiyosaki for dinner on Thursday.

Unfortunately, these kind of one-on-one encounters would be impossible for most of us, as they’re hard to scale. The demand is higher than the supply.

  • Insights shared during a one-on-one coaching session reach one person at a time.
  • Live workshops are limited to a couple of dozen participants.
  • Lectures are generally attended by a couple of hundreds scholars.
  • The most popular live speaking events sell tickets to a few thousand attendants at the time.
  • The most viewed online courses reach tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of students.
  • Knowledge shared in best-selling books can reach millions of readers.

Books scale, one-on-one sessions do not.

Generally speaking, the easier the method of knowledge transfer is to scale, the lower the cost for the student.

This is why you can get Antony Robbins’ latest book for $20, but a live seminar by the author will set you back anywhere between $650 and $3,000.

Of course, a seminar is more than just about facilitating a knowledge transfer.

Seminars are generally more inspiring than literature and they provide an opportunity to network with like-minded people. They’re also more interactive than books, and they tend to be more tuned to your specific needs.

Fact remains, books are an absolute bargain if you’re looking to educate yourself, but ONLY if you find a way to apply what you’ve learned afterwards.

It was Albert Einstein who once said:

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.”

Looking to invest in yourself? Books are accessible and a great starting point of your learning journey. Once you’ve read every book under the sun covering the expertise you’re seeking to acquire, apply for internships to gain experience.

You’d be surprised how many university classes are nothing more than literature turned into PowerPoint slides.

You might as well go straight to the source (the literature)!

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