All That Is Macro Is Micro.


If the journey doesn’t make you happy, you’ve chosen the wrong goal.

There’s no honour in sacrificing your happiness (or your family’s happiness) to build a legacy.

In the greater scheme of things, the time we have on Earth is incredibly short. Our planet has been around for over 4.5 BILLION years, the universe has been around even longer. We’re nothing but a blip on a vast timeline, soon to be forgotten.

Even the biggest heroes and most terrifying villains who made it into our history books… their legacy will mean nothing in a Million years. There is no legacy. In the greater scheme of things, everything that seems macro, is in fact micro.

And if everything is micro, all that matters is micro.

Connecting with a stranger in a hostel while backpacking through exotic places, taking your kid out camping to roast marshmallows over a campfire, having dinner and drinks with the family during Christmas, playing a board game and having some wine with friends on a rainy evening…

Mundane? Perhaps, but most important.

This doesn’t mean life should be lived without purpose. In fact, to live a happy life it’s essential to have purpose. However, your life’s purpose should be just that… a tool that enables you to live a happy life.

Life is short, life is precious.

Don’t miss the moments that truly make you happy, because you won’t get them back. Enjoy life, help others enjoy life, but whatever you do… try not to sacrifice yours in the process.

You can do good without making yourself and others around you feel exhausted and miserable in the process.

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