Three Good Reasons Why You Should Share Great Ideas.


People tend to overestimate the value of their ideas.

They hold on to it like it’s a glorious feather waiting to be taken high up in the sky by a warm summer breeze, never to be seen again.

Here are three good reasons it’s often better to share great ideas:

1. Great ideas suffocate when you hold on to them.

Ideas tend to grow when they’re shared.

Sharing your idea will help you gather feedback from outsiders, it’ll help your idea come to life.

When you’re emotionally attached to an idea, it’s easy to ignore its flaws, which makes it hard to take it to the next level by yourself.

And it’s a problem, because that what isn’t growing, is slowly dying.

2. Great ideas are not scarce.

We like to think our ideas and dreams are unique, we like to think we’re unique – we’re not.

It’s likely thousands of others have thought about something similar.

If your idea is really this great, people will eventually hear it from someone who wasn’t afraid of sharing it.

So you might as well be the first in your environment to break the news.

3. The value of a great idea is not in the idea itself.

An idea in itself is not valuable.

Some of the value of a great idea lies in its execution.

Most of its value, however, lies in your ability to sell your vision. It’s a common misconception that great ideas sell themselves.

It’s simply not true.

If you want your idea to grow, you’ll have to be able to sell it and you can’t sell it if you’re constantly afraid someone will copy it.

That’s it. Three good reasons to share a great idea. Make sure yours doesn’t die when you do.

Make your idea come to life before it’s too late and give it a chance to outlive its creator.

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