The Rainbow Amidst The Clouds.


You have people who always find something to be upset about, no matter how much life has given them to be grateful for.

In conversations they’ll complain about the external parties that make them feel miserable (it’s never their own fault!) and they’re happy to bring you two problems for every solution.

They’re the dark cloud on an otherwise sunny day.

And then you have people who radiate positivity in even the most negative circumstances. They’re not only making sure to keep their own head up, they’ll help others see beyond the challenges that are right in front of them.

We go to those people for hope and inspiration. They’re the rainbow on a cloudy day.

Make sure to surround yourself by the latter. Life is just too precious to perceive the cup as half empty.

Your perspective is your reality. The easiest and fastest way to change your reality is to change your perspective.

And it’s the optimist who will help you improve this perspective.

Get rid of the clouds in your life. Welcome the rainbows.

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