The Quest For A Greater Level Of Comfort.


Most people seek for success, because they believe it’ll give them greater levels of comfort.

This can be the comfort of living the luxurious life: mansions, fast cars, a private jet, living on a tropical beach… For others it might be the comfort of approval (of parents, friends, the opposite sex) or it can be the comfort of feeling great in your own body.

The problem with this ‘quest for greater comfort’ is that the journey to success is often an uncomfortable journey.

Most people underestimate the difficulty of this journey and after a few weeks they return to their starting point, because now they realise that the starting point provides far more comfort than being on the journey.

That’s why most people just move back and forward: they’re not willing to sacrifice the comfort of their current station to get to the next one. They dip their toes in the cold water and pull back.

The bad news is: in order to get to the next mountain top, you’ll often have to cross a valley – and if a greater level of comfort is your main driver, you aren’t likely to push through to get to the other side.

Success requires growth and growth is uncomfortable.

Accept it, prepare for it, crave it… or stay where you are and find happiness in your current situation instead.

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Wesley van der Hoop

Dutchman living in The Bahamas. I get excited about digital marketing, writing, traveling, surfing and learning new things.

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