The Erosion Of Dreams.


Normally dreams don’t just fall apart.

They erode.

One small bit at the time.

Most people fail because they give up what they want most, for what they want now.

You want to have an amazing physique, but you don’t want to go through the pain of working out. So you sleep in instead.

You want to start your own business, but you don’t want to spend hours on a side hustle on top of the job you already have. So you watch Netflix instead.

That’s how dreams tend to die – slowly. They seldom go out with a bang.

They erode, one tiny decision at the time. That’s why most people won’t notice it until it’s too late, until they realize life slipped away.

Become aware of how your day-to-day decision-making effects your long-term goals, before it’s too late.

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