That’s Just Who I Am.


‘That’s just who I am’.

The famous last words of the guy who just stepped away from the responsibility to make things better for himself.

I know, because I’ve been there many times myself.

‘That’s just who I am’ comes in many forms and shapes. Recognize it for what it truly is: an easy way out.

  • ‘Working out is just not for me’ is an excuse to not get in better shape.
  • ‘I am just not a morning person’ is an excuse to keep hitting that snooze button and sleep in.
  • ‘Relationships are just not for me’ is an excuse to not have to make the compromises and sacrifices it takes to build a strong long-term relationship.

Most people recognize the need to make a new start, to do things different to improve their lives in the long run.

Unfortunately many give their ‘new start’ a go for a couple of weeks, compare themselves to someone who’s been doing it for years and then just give up, because it doesn’t come as easy for them as it does for others.

That’s where ‘That’s just who I am’ comes in. It’s accepting defeat when the battle just started.

All new beginnings are tough, but that’s where you’re supposed to persevere until it becomes a little bit easier. And it will get a little bit easier, but only after a longer period of time.

‘That’s just who I am’ might make life more comfortable right now, but make no mistake: it will make life a lot harder in the long run. The only person who is being tricked by those words is your future self.

Do NOT use your current state as an excuse to not go after your full potential. ‘That’s just who I am’ does NOT define who you could be.

It does not define your potential.

Life has more in store for you if you’re willing to persevere.

You know what to do. Start today.

Your future self will thank you for it.

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