Technical Debt, IRL.


In IT, taking on technical debt means foregoing the best method to implement something, and instead choosing the easy solution that sort of solves the problem and can be implemented quickly.

Hence, the term ‘technical debt’.

You save time now, but you must repay it later to implement the proper solution – often with interest.

In real life, we take on technical debt when we leave our dirty dishes in the sink, when we leave our laundry lying around the house, when we delay seeing the dentist, or when we promise to do something we don’t really want to do.

Just like financial debt, technical debt adds up and can become difficult to repay.

Make sure to keep track of the technical debt you take on during the week, so it won’t derail your life.

If the long-term solution costs you less than 5 minutes to execute, do it in the moment. If it costs you less than 15 minutes, do it later the same day.

For everything else… note it down on the ledger and spend a couple of hours in the weekend to resolve it.

Try to start every Monday with a clean slate and a clear mind.

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