Spectacular Change Is Often Formed By Boring Habits.


Habits are the key to spectacular long-term change.

The problem is, habits are per definition boring. They are formed by endless repetition, there’s almost no thinking required.

Most people are willing to sign up for a six-week workout program promising the perfect beach body.

Only a few people are willing to do a daily workout and eat healthy for an entire year (and the year after that).

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I’ll tell you now, if you want that perfect beach body, that six-week program is not gonna cut it. If that was the case, everybody would be walking around with six-packs.

Most people are willing to sprint towards their dreams and they’ll be hyper-motivated – for a while.

The problem is, most dreams are not on sprinting distance.

Ask yourself, are you willing to run the Marathon?

Are you willing to do ‘boring’?

Because ‘boring’ will get you where you want to be.

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