On Being Angry At The Situation.


Stop being angry at the situation. 

The situation doesn’t give a damn about your feelings.

Realise being angry at the situation is wasted energy, a self-destructive force. Anger is bound to weigh you down, much like an anchor tied to your ankles. 

Being angry at the situation is like punishing yourself for something that’s outside of your control. And it is out of your control.

The situation is the present. You can’t change the present. 

The present is what it is.

The present is the culmination of all that has happened in the past. Therefore, in the same way you can’t change the past, you can’t change the present. On some occasions you can change the near future, but that’s as close as you will get.

The past happened, whether you like it or not. You can only make peace with it and use it to inform your decision making going forward.

Accept the situation for what it is.

Now, accepting the situation for what it is, doesn’t mean you should accept that situation to prolong in the future.

Move forward and plan for a better future. Even if it’s by taking one small step at the time. Silence the anger inside you and turn that energy, that destructive force, into something constructive.

Refuse to become a prisoner of your own emotions. Take back control.

Real power comes from the ability to stay calm, no matter the situation.

Not getting angry at the situation. It’s easier said than done. It sure won’t come natural. However, practise can get you a long way. 

Meditation is one thing you can do to train yourself to observe your thoughts and feelings, as if you are stepping outside of your body.

When I was still living in Kuala Lumpur, some five years ago, I used to pinch my thumb as soon as I got angry or frustrated, which happened a dozen times every day. This trained me to recognize negative feelings early on, observe them and replace them with something positive.

Another thing you can do to learn to control your emotions, is listening to melancholic and sad music for a while and then switching it to an upbeat song that makes you happy. It trains your brain, you are in control of your emotions and you can replace a negative emotion with a more positive one in a relatively short period of time.

Just as you can’t get a six pack after going to the gym for a week, you can’t expect to be in control of your emotions without continuous training. Give it time and you’ll get better at it.

It’s worth it.

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