New Perspective On Productivity.


For me, productivity always was inherently interlinked with doing work.

Whether it was my job or a side project, being productive meant I was creating something with the intent to earn business.

It took me a while to realize, but…

  • When you’re cooking yourself a healthy meal, you are productive. You’re building a healthy body.
  • When you’re working out, you are productive. You’re building muscle.
  • When you’re reading a book, you are productive. You’re building your knowledge.
  • When you’re playing with your kids, you are productive. You’re building a happy family.

Don’t let the capitalistic school of thought fool you.

Productivity is about creating value. And creating value and earning money are two entirely different things.

Creating value doesn’t always have to result in monetary return. And monetary return seldom is a reflection of how much value is created.

You’re more productive than you think.

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Wesley van der Hoop

Dutchman living in The Bahamas. I get excited about digital marketing, writing, traveling, surfing and learning new things.

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