Lost In The Forest.


This is for the people who feel lost, working within a larger organization. For the people who feel unseen by their superiors, and their superiors.

Stop sleepwalking towards your destiny. The destiny you know you can fulfill, if only you had more help from above.

Guess what? You’re not gonna get that help, otherwise you’d already have gotten it.

Spend more time standing still and less time moving forward. Stop doing the things you’ve always done. It got you here, but it stopped serving you some time ago and it is likely the reason you’re lost.

Stand still and become one with your environment.

Look inwards.

Listen to the voices in your head. The voices that give you a thousand reasons not to take a chance. The voices that sacrificed opportunity for safety and comfort.

Stand still and silence those voices.

You can only have a closer look at opportunity when you stop moving. You can only hear opportunity when there’s silence.

Look outwards.

The unknown is filled with opportunity. And you won’t know the unknown until you let yourself fall into it.

Get a deep understanding of the people who make the organization move forward. Get a deep understanding of how they connect with other people who make the organization move forward. Ask for permission to learn from others, and when the time is there, you’ll give them permission to learn from you.

Understand why the river flows as it flows. Before you go against it, go with it. Respect is earned before it’s given.

When you follow the steps above, it is likely your path will find you. It might look different from how you imagined it.

Give it some time. If nothing happens… sometimes the best way to find your path is to leave the forest behind.

But make sure to leave it with your head up high.

About the author

Wesley van der Hoop

Dutchman living in The Bahamas. I get excited about digital marketing, writing, traveling, surfing and learning new things.

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