Humility To The Point Of Self-Depreciation.


It’s better to be humble than to be arrogant.

Being arrogant is to blind yourself to your own weaknesses, inviting inconsiderate behaviour towards others who are of lesser status (self-proclaimed status that is). Arrogance destroys dialogue, and therefore it destroys relationships.

Being too humble, however, has some terrible consequences of its own.

Feeling you’re ‘unworthy’ of more than what you have now, will quickly turn into giving up on opportunity before it even knocks on your door. Showing too much humility will have you keep your head down when it’s your moment to take the spotlight and rise. As a result, it’ll have you overrun by the more assertive.

It’s good to be humble. But it’s equally important to pair it with the confidence to stand up for yourself and grab the opportunities that are yours for the taking.

Humility is about showing empathy and being grateful.

It should never result in talking yourself down.

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Wesley van der Hoop

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