How To Motivate Yourself Every Day To Get The Most Out Of Life.


A near-death experience almost always has a lasting impact on a person’s outlook on life.

It’s like being given a second chance to make the most out of life, and many of us would grab this second chance with both hands.

It’s peculiar how an event that almost ENDS a life, can be a trigger to actually START living it.

We often take that what we already have for granted, until it’s taken from us. Life is no exception, unfortunately.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead, be grateful for the time you are given now:

1. Realize today, that life is short.

The average life expectancy is 3,788 weeks. By the time you hit 20 you’ve lived 1,044 weeks. By the time you hit 35, you lived 1,826 weeks.

What did you achieve in the weeks that were already given to you? Could you have done more?

Realize that you have one life to live and time is running out. The good news: it’s never too late to start living life to its full potential.

2. Decide today, that every hour is a gift.

Don’t waste a single hour on the things that won’t matter in 5 years time. Live with purpose.

Replace sleeping in with a morning workout. Replace watching Netflix with reading books.

If you’re stuck in a day job and you’ve got bills to pay, define your dreams in detail and take small steps towards those dreams at least one day every week.

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3. See more, feel more, do more, live more.

From today onwards, crave new experiences. Explore the interesting world outside of your comfort zone. Make life the adventure it once was when you were a kid. Follow your curiosity and see where it leads you.

It does NOT have to take a near-death experience to realize how precious life is.

Let the fear of death inspire you to live more, today.

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