Good Vibrations: The Nonsense Of The Law Of Attraction.


The law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

According to this law, everything in your life is there because you attracted it and it’s the images you’re holding in your mind that attracted them.

Your thoughts send out vibrations, and the universe is listening to those vibrations.

The idea gained traction after the release of the film ‘The Secret‘ in 2006.

One of the anecdotes that is often cited as ‘proof’ of existence for this law goes as follows:

Let’s say you are late to an important meeting and you’re continuously thinking ‘I don’t want to be late’. Isn’t it curious how then all of a sudden you’ll find everything blocking you from getting to that meeting in time (red lights, traffic jams, road accidents etc)?

Well… guess what? Those traffic lights would still be red if your meeting would have started 15 minutes later. It just wouldn’t be an event worth remembering, because it wouldn’t have significantly impacted you on a personal level.

Believers of the Law of Attraction apply the same logic for the things you DO want in life.

They’ll tell you if you just think hard enough of the things you want, you’ll send vibrations into the universe and simply attract the things that occupied your mind.

The idea that if you BELIEVE hard enough you’ll become a millionaire, the universe will listen to you and GIVES you the opportunity to make lot’s of money is absurd.

This is not how the world works, no matter how many affirmation you do in a day.

The universe reacts to action, not your thoughts. The opportunity is already there. You just have to look for it and put in the work.

Now if your thoughts are organized and focused, you make a plan and you take consistent action, you might eventually end up with what you wished for.

But it won’t be the gift from the universe, it’ll be the reward for hard work.

Thoughts become things, but only through action.

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