Baby’s First Birthday: One Year Of Wisdom For Goldfish.


One year ago my workweek suddenly got reduced from 40 to 16 hours.

Like many others during this pandemic, I started a side project with the plan to eventually create a second income stream.

Writing has been a passion for me since I was a kid, so I started a blog with the goal of publishing a book some day in the future.

Wisdom for Goldfish was born.

My main goal for the first 12 months was to find my voice and to grow an audience that benefits from listening to that voice.

It was quite a journey.

In this article I’ll re-share your favourite articles, my favourite articles, the most impactful books I read, my ups and downs, and my goals for the coming two years.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Top 5 Readers’ Picks 2020/2021.

Read the most frequently shared articles on social.

  1. The Dance Of Life: Setting Goals, Chasing Dreams. 3 minute read.
  2. Make Every Day A Masterpiece. 1 minute read.
  3. Feedback: The Lifeline to Success. 3 minute read.
  4. Fishing Coins Out Of Fire. 6 minute read.
  5. The Salmon & The Jellyfish. 2 minute read.

Top 5 Author’s Picks 2020/2021.

Read my personal favourites.

  1. The Hero’s Journey: Six Stages Of Personal Growth. 6 minute read.
  2. First Things First: Spend Time On Things That Matter. 3 minute read.
  3. Take Care Of Yourself, Before You Take Care Of Others. 1 minute read.
  4. The Salmon & The Jellyfish. 2 minute read.
  5. Shine Bright. But Do It For Yourself. 3 minute read.

Bob’s best work 2020/2021.

  1. Bob’s Wisdom. 1 minute read.

Favourite self-help books 2020/2021.

Books I read in the past 12 months that made an impact.

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. By Robert Kiyosaki.
  2. Trillion Dollar Coach. By Alan Eagle, Eric Schmidt, and Jonathan Rosenberg.
  3. How To Win Friends & Influence People. By Dale Carnegie.
  4. Atomic Habits. By James Clear.
  5. Essentialism. By Greg McKeown.
  6. Meditations. By Marcus Aurelius.
  7. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck. By Mark Manson.
  8. Way Of The Wolf: Straight Line Selling. By Jordan Belfort.

Wisdom for Goldfish: 2020/2021.

Main mission:
Finding my voice and building an audience that values that voice.

Biggest achievements:

Biggest struggles:

  • I started a book launch giveaway on social media to promote Further North. I expected to gain 8,000 followers. In the end, only 8 people participated.
  • I tested publishing Wisdom for Goldfish’s articles on a Monday (instead of on a Friday) for a couple of weeks. I am still recovering from the loss of reach this resulted in.
  • When you’re not spending Millions, Facebook’s A.I. takes over the ad approval process – and does so poorly. In the beginning, my Ad Account got suspended often despite following Facebook’s own guidelines.

I lived and I learned. The most important thing is that Wisdom for Goldfish is still here, still growing. And I gained valuable knowledge because of it.

Let’s look at what’s coming…

Wisdom for Goldfish: 2021/2022 goals.

Main mission:
Generate enough income to cover the expenses that keep Wisdom for Goldfish alive and kicking.

Side quests (but not less important):

  • Launch a free (secret) – coming soon!
  • Publish (secret)
  • Publish (secret)

Audience growth goals:

  • 2,500 newsletter subscribers.
  • 6,500 Instagram followers.


Main mission:
Expand Wisdom for Goldfish’s reach with the help of partnerships.

Side quests (but not less important):

  • Publish (secret)
  • Try out new channels. Medium and Clubhouse have my interest.

Audience growth goals:

  • 4,000 newsletter subscribers.
  • 10,000 Instagram followers.

That’s it! One year of Wisdom for Goldfish in a nutshell.

Send me a message on Instagram / Facebook and let me know what you want me to write about next. Plus: tell me what you think of Wisdom for Goldfish.

Thank you for being here.


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Dutchman living in The Bahamas. I get excited about digital marketing, writing, traveling, surfing and learning new things.

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