A Life, Unlived.


Ahhh… the untapped potential.

  • IF I had changed my diet and started working out daily five years ago, I’d look like the statue of David right now (minus the curly hairdo and microscopic aubergine, of course).
  • IF I had spent the hours I wasted scrolling social media to work on my writing, I’d be the proud author of multiple books. No doubt!
  • IF I had spent a couple of hours a week taking dance-lessons, I’d be a graceful ballroom dancer and I wouldn’t feel so nervous about the first dance at my own wedding.

I am sure somewhere in the universe of possibilities there’s a version of me that’s a shredded, ballroom dancing, best-selling author… but alas, it’s not who I am right now.

No need to mourn! I spent a significant amount of hours working on my long-term goals in the past five years and I am quite happy with the person I’ve become as a result of this.

But it makes you think.

There’s a life out there that’s unlived. Unlived, because you preferred pizza over cooking a healthy meal (I mean, who doesn’t?). Unlived, because you spent more time challenging yourself on the PlayStation than on the bench press.

There’s a version of you out there, that’s wildly successful AND sexy – living your dream life (the audacity!).

But hey… we can’t change the past. So let us focus on the future.

Who could you become in five years time?

Make the most of the time you have on your hands right now, so you can start living the life that otherwise would have been unlived in five years time.

It’ll be worth your effort.

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Wesley van der Hoop

Dutchman living in The Bahamas. I get excited about digital marketing, writing, traveling, surfing and learning new things.

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