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Why is ‘Further North’ free?
About the author

Description: ‘Further North: 21 Golden Rules for Personal Goal Setting’ is a quick read giving its readers actionable insights to successfully set and achieve personal goals. This free self-help book will help you make your dreams reality, find purpose and live life to its full potential.

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E-Book: Free (limited time offer)

What you’ll learn:

  • How to set personal dream goals that stick.
  • How to create an actionable plan to get you closer to those goals.
  • How to execute and stick to the plan.
  • The strange thing that happens when you achieve your goals.

Why is Further North Free?

Why is ‘Further North’ available for free? This is my first book and I want to test the waters. I hope to gather feedback and build confidence in my writing, before I publish more work.

How to get ‘Further North’ for free? Provide your email address at the bottom of this page and get the e-book send to you for free. You’ll also get one email a week with life lessons that will help you become successful in achieving your goals. If these emails don’t add value to your life, feel free to unsubscribe (there’s a link at the bottom of each email) – you’ll still get to keep the e-book!

E-Book: Free (limited time offer)

Further North Book Wesley van der Hoop

About the author

Born in 1986 in the Netherlands, Wesley van der Hoop lives in The Bahamas. Before relocating to the Caribbean, he lived in Kuala Lumpur (2014 – 2015) and Cape Town (2017 – 2019).

Wesley gets excited thinking about life, business and leadership. He writes about this on his personal blog Wisdom for Goldfish.

E-Book: Free (limited time offer)


Nothing in life worth having comes for free, right? Think again!

“A short, sharp read to get you on track to realising your goals. Less than an hour well spent with some key things to take away and apply to your daily life. Well worth a read.”

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